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J. Bernard “Bernie” O’Sullivan is a passionate outdoor lover, who moved 2014 from Ireland to Røyrvik, Norway. He guides many of our Norwegian tours. Bernie is a professional photographer and SEO of Tundra Tours, his guiding company in Norway. He’s happiest outdoors with his camera. Camping, skiing, hiking, canoeing – he loves it all!


Here & Wow

Here & Wow was conceived by three cousins with a shared passion for travelling in general and zest for unique experiences and adventures in particular.  They created an online platform that functions as a framework for local hosts and guides. Here&wow aspires to develop into a leading network of hosts and guests, however adherence to quality and safety dictates the pace and will never be compromised.

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Segel Kommunikation (www.segel.se) is running the official website from Stekenjokk and is not only providing us with amazing photographies and movies of the nature reserve, but also help us with camera equipment and tech support.


Namasea (www.namasea.se) is a surf school in southern Sweden. Their goal is to spread surfing as an activity in Sweden, whilst engaging people in marine conservation and protection. They also arrange beach cleaning-days. We like Namasea!

Paddla för Livet

Paddla för Livet (www.paddlaforlivet.com) is an organization dedicated to combining outdoor activities with environmental commitment. We believe it’s cool to collect trash. Don’t close your eyes, pick it up!